Is it worth watching ?

Sunday, 11 April 2010

They saw Matrix, then they saw Mission Impossible series, and then they saw Bourne series, and at last they come to know some 3D phenomena named Avatar. They wanted to make such a movie, which can be at par with all these cults. They tried! But there were a few problems. They didn’t had a good story, they didn’t have a good (GOOD?!?!) lead actor who can come even within 100 miles of all the actors, who acted in the above said movies, and neither they had money (it took 50 Crore), and I am not talking about intelligence or cinematic skills.

You want to make an ambitious movie, and instead of originality, you use computer trickery (which sucks big time here!) to show most of the movie, then fate of this movie becomes pretty evident. After all not everyone has the attitude to pull off a CGI venture like Cameron did. And forget that they have made ‘Race’.
Prince starts like Bourne Identity. Vivek Oberoi doesn’t remember anything about himself. Name, address, friends……nothing! Not even money. And from here, everyone will be able to guess that the rest of the movie will see him searching for his identity, and the reason behind his present condition.
An Indian scientist has invented a chip, which, if, fitted in someone’s brain, then it will ‘format’ it, and the man will lose all his data (memory). It might sound interesting (might be, but there is something called Eternal Sunshine…..!), but after that, the movie falls flat. They have tried to create everything through CGI. You know, in very cheap movies, rather in TV serials, blasts are created through computers, and we see the same in Prince.
The movie fails in acting section also. Vivek is irritatingly stupid. The way he delivers those high octane dialogs, you feel like, you should empty your pipe gun on him. Except from flashing some really cool leather jackets, and sunglasses, and kissing three bikini babes, and some good stunts, he hasn’t done anything worth mentioning. And take my word; you won’t like to hear how others acted.
This movie is silly, and is a waste of money and a weekend spoiler. I am going to claim for a refund. Now you decide!